YESU brought you BeZema
BeZema is one of a kind Android App developed to help people with similar music tastes to find each other and communicate. BeZema help people start meaningful relationships whether it's dating, networking, or meeting new friends online through things they have in common, like interests, favorite things and events.


Discover New People

BeZemasync songs that are on your phone, then you simply listen to your tracks and get connected with people who are listening to the same song or artist.
It has its own music player where your potential people for matching based on your currently listening music populate, a chating area where you can talk to with your new matched people, a feed area where you can see your matched people posts and public posts, a discovering feature where you find people who have the same interestes and favourite things as you.
Matches are created when both party like eachother by swiping right after seeing pictures and Bio. Since we integrate facebook and instagram with the app you don't have to worry about what to set as your profile.


BeZema Features

  • Discovery People based on currently listening songs,interestes and location
  • Lightweight Music Player with all features
  • Chatting by voice, text & songs
  • Posting pictures & comment, visible only for matched people

How do you benfit from BeZema?

  • It's Free! ...
  • It's Perfect for People Who Are Always Super Busy...
  • You Get To Tailor Your Searches
  • You’ll Meet Interesting People
  • You Can Facilitate More Communication
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